Flying Sites

Port Meadow

The club’s principal flying site is Port Meadow and is normally accessed from Godstow Car Park OX2 8PU. Our activities on the site are licensed by the Freemen of the City of Oxford and only OMFC members and their guests are allowed to fly on the site

Port Meadow is a large site and one of the few places in the South of England which is suitable for free flight, however the clubs activities are by no means limited to free flight. Fixed wing, helicopters and multi-rotor RC may also be flown at the site. We have a mown patch for larger models that require it and smaller models that can handle some rough ground(electric gliders are ideal) may be flown anywhere on Port Meadow with the exception of a ‘no fly’ zone close to the car park. Gliders, rubber power and electric models may be flown at anytime, IC powered models have restricted operating times because of noise and the proximity to housing.

Due to Port Meadow being a public open space, which is also grazed by horses and cows, the safety of both the public and livestock is of great importance and is reflected in the clubs rules 

Here is a map of the local air traffic restrictions in place around Port Meadow

Begbroke Village Hall(BVH)

The club flies from here during its summer monthly meetings. The site is within the RFZ of London Oxford Airport(LOA) and operates under a Letter of Agreement with the airport. Models are restricted to a maximum weight of 500 grams and to a high limit of 100 ft. Neither of these is an issue due to the size of the field which is ideal for small models